Assamese Calendar 2023

Assamese calendar is the one of the most ancient calendars in the world. The Assamese people celebrate traditional festival time on February or March. Assamese পুট ফ্‍‌ল পুট, “Puṭ Phal Puṭ”, marks the native new year which falls in April but sometimes it can be in March or a day before or after it. is a website specially designed for the peoples of Assam. It helps you know the Assamese festivals holidays list or your monthly needs and requirements. very easy to know the Assamese date and year with this Assamese Calendar website. Includes the Borkotoky Assamese calendar 2023 pdf, Assamese calendar 2023 Dutta Baruah, etc.

The Assamese Calendar (also known as the Khamir Bihanga) is the version of the Bengali Hindu calendar that applies to the Brahmaputra valley (Assam). Assamese calendar – also known as the লোষী প্রয়োজ ইত – is traditionally used to calculate dates and predict future. The history goes 2000 years back, when the Hindu calendar was set.

Assamese Calendar 2023 January

Assamese Calendar 2023 January Festival List:

13Thursday Putrada Ekadashi
14Friday Makara Sankranti
15SaturdayMagh Bihu
17Monday Anvadhan
18Tuesday Ishti
28Friday Shattila Ekadashi
31Monday Anvadhan

Assamese Calendar 2023 February

Assamese Calendar 2023 February

Assamese Calendar 2023 February Festival List:

7SundayShattila Ekadashi
8MondayVaishnava Shattila Ekadashi
12FridayKumbha Sankranti, Ishti
16TuesdaySaraswati Puja
23TuesdayBhaimi Ekadashi
25ThursdayHazarat Ali’s Birthday

Assamese Calendar 2023 March

Assamese Calendar 2023 March

Assamese Calendar 2023 March Festival List:

09TuesdayVijaya Ekadashi
11ThursdayMaha Shivaratri
14SundayMeena Sankranti, Ishti
25ThursdayAmalaki Ekadashi
28SundayDol Purnima, Anvadhan

Assamese Calendar 2023 April

Assamese Calendar 2023 April

Assamese Calendar 2023 April Festivals List:

7WednesdayPapmochani Ekadashi
14WednesdayMesha Sankranti, Solar New Year
15ThursdayPohela Boishakha
21WednesdayRama Navami
23FridayKamada Ekadashi

Assamese Calendar 2023 May

Assamese Calendar 2022 May
Assamese Calendar 2022 May

Assamese Calendar May 2023 Festivals List:

07FridayJamat Ul-Vida, Varuthini Ekadashi
09SundayRabindranath Tagore Jayanti
13ThursdayEid al-Fitr, Ramadan
14FridayAkshaya Tritiya, Vrishabha Sankranti
22SaturdayMohini Ekadashi
23SundayGauna Mohini Ekadashi, Vaishnava Mohini Ekadashi
26WednesdayBuddha Purnima, Chandra Grahan *Purna, Anvadhan

Assamese Calendar 2023 June

Assamese Calendar 2022 June
Assamese Calendar 2022 June

Assamese Calendar 2023 Festivals List:

06SundayApara Ekadashi
10ThursdaySurya Grahan Valayakara, Anvadhan
15TuesdayMithuna Sankranti
20SundayGanga Puja
21MondayNirjala Ekadashi

Assamese Calendar 2023 July

Assamese Calendar 2022 July
Assamese Calendar 2022 July

Assamese Calendar July 2023 Festivals List:

05MondayYogini Ekadashi
12MondayRatha Jatra
16FridayKarka Sankranti
20TuesdayEid al-Adha, Bakrid, Devshayani Ekadashi
24SaturdayGuru Purnima, Ishti

Assamese Calendar 2023 August

Assamese Calendar 2022 August
Assamese Calendar 2022 August

Assamese Calendar August 2023 Festivals List:

04WednesdayKamika Ekadashi
10TuesdayAl-Hijra, Islamic New Year
17TuesdaySimha Sankranti
18WednesdayPabitraropana Ekadashi
19ThursdayDay of Ashura, Muharram
22SundayRakhi Bandhan, Anvadhan
23Monday Ishti
27FridayNag Panchami
30MondayKrishna Janmashtami

Assamese Calendar 2023 September

Assamese Calendar 2022 September
Assamese Calendar 2022 September

Assamese Calendar September 2023 Festivals List:

04WednesdayKamika Ekadashi
10TuesdayAl-Hijra, Islamic New Year
17TuesdaySimha Sankranti
18WednesdayPabitraropana Ekadashi
19ThursdayDay of Ashura, Muharram
22SundayRakhi Bandhan, Anvadhan
27FridayNag Panchami
30MondayKrishna Janmashtami

Assamese Calendar October 2023 Festivals List

Assamese Calendar 2022 October
Assamese Calendar 2022 October

Assamese Calendar October 2023 Festivals List:

02SaturdayIndira Ekadashi
06WednesdayMahalaya, Anvadhan
11MondayKalparambha, Akal Bodhon
12TuesdayDurga Saptami
13WednesdayDurga Ashtami
14ThursdayMaha Navami
16SaturdayPashankusha Ekadashi
17SundayTula Sankranti
19TuesdayLakshmi Puja, Milad an-Nabi, Id-e-Milad

Assamese Calendar 2023 November

Assamese Calendar 2022 November
Assamese Calendar 2022 November

Assamese Calendar November 2023 Festivals List:

01MondayRama Ekadashi
04ThursdayDipabali, Kali Puja, Anvadhan
06SaturdayBhai Phonta
10WednesdayChhath Puja
12FridayJagaddhatri Puja
14SundayUtthana Ekadashi
15MondayVaishnava Utthana Ekadashi
16TuesdayVrishchika Sankranti
19FridayChandra Grahan Anshika, Anvadhan
30TuesdayUtpanna Ekadashi

Assamese Calendar 2023 December

Assamese Calendar 2022 December
Assamese Calendar 2022 December

Assamese Calendar December 20223 Festivals List:

04SaturdaySurya Grahan *Purna, Ishti
14TuesdayMokshada Ekadashi
16ThursdayDhanu Sankranti
30ThursdaySaphala Ekadashi

The first Day of the month is called “Esto-Ipa”, which literally means ‘time for coming down’. After a whole month, “Onalaha Akrochua” or “time for going upward” on the Dawn of Mahashivratri, is celebrated.

On the assamese calendar 2023 date of Baishakh 12, the month after aso nei, as per different customary reference fixed on rabi ero 7 on 13th Baishakh would be Ah.

The Assamese calendar is a correctly aligned lunisolar calendar in chronological order. It is made up of colorful symbols like flowers, flowing brooks, tortoises and birds. The cycle of Shalu used in the Assamese Calendar 2023 starts on 13 December 2023.

Apart from locals and native people in Assam, all of us are fan following the upcoming celebration like Makar Sankranti, Magha Purnima, Holi because this festival has significant importance for all of us.

The Assamese Calendars can be accessed through the use of internet. An electronic directory assistance system is provided on the Assamese Internet Directory Website, which features an index of websites and other web applications in a variety of languages.

People who use the Assamese calendar most often are those in Assam or those whose mother tongue is Assamese. However, people who live outside or don’t speak like that language may need to access a digital version of it.

Assamese Hindu calendar is sort of subset of the Hijri (Islamic) Calendar which was introduced after the Islamic conquest of Jammu and Kashmir. The Assamese Hindu Calendar suits those who live in Eastern and North East India. Because it followed the solar cycle, it doesn’t end up advancing if we go more than 360 days by astrologers at some unknown point in the year(s?). But it has been brought back to our awareness. There are not many people left that use dates based on this Asian calendar they don’t have as many years as there are under Western/Gregorian/Christian calendars.

Assamese calendar is the calendar system used in the Assam region. Assamese calendars are solar calendars and based on ancient Hindu nationalists in Assam. One of such is Datta family (Dravida) which was not followed so intensely by everyone anymore.

The Assamese calendar (অসমী কেৰা. অSA. MI. ) is the Hindu annual calender used primarily in Assam and other parts of the Northeast Indian region or the Barak Valley. Normally, the day after Akshay Tritiya, for instance, is known as Akka Ekadashi, that is to say “white-eleven”. “Historically, certain Asami divinities were associated with specific days of the week (Diva Panjita). Unless one adjusts his calendar system, things can get a bit confusing.

Every 12 years full assamese calendar is shifted for 4 months in a cyclical way. The four month period is followed in 3 year cycles. This is called the sempa kadumra natani (month shift in cycle) according to the six time movement sectors of sun and moon used by the rural population of north-eastern India. In terms of 24 degrees, North, North-East and South-East are also separated by 4 degrees each ways. This 360 degree methodology was developed as a continuum cosmology space where positive is west and negative is east.

This calender is written in Gupta script which resembles Latin letters, but it is often not year dependent as we know it in today’s world. There are nearly 6 months between every full moon and each day numbers have 12 mid-pahars throughout the year according to place and magnitude (distance from equator). This calender got inherited from Arya Samaj Panth activities in Varanasi along with Bengali language novels.

An academic tradition is the New Year celebrations, which takes place at the end of each year. The day typically is for marking a new beginning, and reflecting on the past year’s successes and failures. In Assam, this event used to be a time for religious congregations and observance of personal austerity measures. On that day, people become charitable towards those who are in need or in difficulty – Alms giving becomes a significant practice both on December 31st as well as on January 1st when families give food items to relatives as well as to beggars.

In present day Assam, culturally traditional celebrations are still enacted. Many households arrange small family gatherings where dances and musical performances symbolizing various sections of society’s endeavours sector by sector within an agricultural society are staged.

Assamese Calendar History

The history of the calendar in Assam dates back to the reign of King Pushya Varman. He was at first one of the provincial governors under Darius I, though ultimately he went on to become an independent ruler. This happened after a sequence of conquests in South-East Asia by King Achaemenid. In 2134 BC, Pushya Varman became the Hindu founder and ruler of Kamrupa (Kamrup), present day Assam.

The history of Assamese calendar is not explicit. The Rava calendar was the first to manufacture the Assamese Tangsa Calendar in a systematic way on April 15, 1832 A.D (1828 B.S).

It is said that the ancestors of the Shillong (Meetei /part local tribes and Tipral) were recruited by Raja! Kachula as troops in war times; and that they were under his patronage from 1826 to 1832 AD when he treacherously murdered them with heavy losses at Langpihilla. These Meiteis joined their ranks to save from approaching of their enemies, who emerged victorious in battle with a heavy loss on the side of Raja! Kachula.

We have fuel for wild speculation we also have a good reason to look at the many other Assamese Calendar 2022 that have existed in humanists. a good place to start a search for the earliest signs of human civilization and its relationship with the cosmos. the county of Cornwall in the southwest of England here at lands and there are more

Witnesses to megalithic culture per square kilometer than anywhere else in the world. one relic that is widely known is men and tall which means stone of the whole in Cornish. it was the source of many local legends including a popular belief. that it would cure the aches and pains of anyone who passed through it.

Assamese Calendar 2022 system Tim in the Black Forest

Assamese Calendar 2023 system Tim in the Black Forest near Fort Vernon not far from the point where the river Danube Rises. is a gigantic lunar calendar of early Celtic origin the royal tomb at Magdalene and back on the outskirts of the small town of Villa. it has been established at the arrangement of graves around.

The central tomb fits the pattern of constellations in the northern hemisphere. this is the world’s oldest Celtic site based on the cycles of the moon. it struck me when I was looking at the excavation plans in the museum.

I enjoy a bit of stargazing on the roof terrace at night and it struck me that. I was looking at patterns that resembled constellations. the northern crown the Little Bear and the dragon I fetched books from libraries and identified the rest which was very easy.

Via on this dial director Tom handy turned out that the sky. that was depicted was that of the summer solstice calendars of the Roman Empire gave rise to considerable confusion. as ayahs priests of the Roman state count the emperor introduced.

The 365 day solar year with an additional leap day every four years. but Caesar and his Egyptian astronomers underestimated one problem of the solar calendar. cumulative effect of the imprecise Julian gear 365 earth rotations take slightly less time than one Earth orbit around the Sun, a lunar calendar does not.

Calendars are the stone-age calendar the early Roman calendar. the Islamic calendar and the Jewish lunisolar calendar for Jews. The first sighting of the lunar Crescent after a new moon also marks a new calendar cycle.

Jewish New Year Rosh Hashanah always takes place in late summer or autumn. and is marked by a feast reminiscent of a harvest festival Assamese Calendar 2023 for every year from 1600 to 1800. according to both the Gregorian and the Julian calendar around 1760 the table was acquired by Mary Ann Pitt Raj.

Avid of rain Abbey and the artwork has graced the monasteries library ever since in 2012. it was loaned to the geranium and grads for a special exhibition. calendars of indigenous peoples are the scientific focus of English researcher and writer Jaffray. most of his field work has been done in North and South America and he has spent more than 20 years studying the calendar of the Maya in 2006.

It was discovered that there is a monument that mentions the year 2012 from. and it’s a classic inscription from classic era calendar. if that day falls at the beginning of the rainy season there is a risk of a major flood. but there’s a problem with the Tolkien calendar because it’s shorter than the solar calendar.

That day can also fall in spring or autumn unlike a day in the farming calendar. have an Assamese Calendar 2022 of their own but so far only the astronomers of the Maya seem to have managed to focus the whole world’s attention on a single date.

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